Roisin Sheridan is a Dublin based jeweller originally from Kilmaine, Co.Mayo. Since graduating from metalwork in National College of Art and Design in 2008 and she has exhibited widely throughout Europe including cities such as Dublin, London and Eindhoven. She has won and reached competition finals for her illustrative based jewelllery.

She works in primarily in silver; with etching being the main technique used. These deep etches help to convey a narrative making the wearer an integral part of each piece.

Her work embodies the metamorphosing world around her and often depicts urban and rural landscapes. She uses photographic images and deep etching to add a unique narrative to each piece of jewellery she creates. Working primarily in silver; inspiration is drawn from a variety of different sources ranging from drawings by her infant niece, to photographs taking while travelling through Nepal, to the telegraph lines on vacant streets. Each piece she constructs is meticulously handcrafted; nothing is rushed allowing each and every detail to add to the unfolding narrative at hand.

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